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General Adult Faith

Our Parish offers seasonal programs, retreats and events where Adults can gather to learn, discuss, and explore in a deeper way this Faith of ours.  Please keep checking the "Home Page" for upcoming activities and get connected!

Foundations in Faith

Our Diocese sponsors courses/workshops in association with the Provincial Formation Certificate for Lay people who are in Leadership for all types of Ministries.  However, these are also open to any Adult who is simply interested in deeper understanding of our Faith, pursuing Certification is not expected of all participants.  Each course/workshop is offered on its own so one can choose which would apply or appeal to themselves.

These are offered seasonally and at different levels where appropriate - Diocesan (Regional), Deanery (City/Town & Area), or Local (Parish).  For details please open the attached description of courses/workshops.


Links to other accessible Canadian Formation/Continuing Education options.

Newman Theological College  (Click on 'Programs')

St. Francis Xavier University (Click on 'Academics' - 'Ministry Programs')


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