St. Charles Garnier Parish


(Dedicated to the memory of Father Charles Pandosy, OMI)

It was in October of 1858 that Father Pandosy established the first non indigenous settlement in the Okanagan Valley, adjacent to our Parish Church.  Our church is dedicated to the Memory of Father Pandosy, but named for a great Canadian martyr, Jesuit St. Charles Garnier.  Church law requires that churches can only be named after confirmed saints, an honor not yet reached by Father Pandosy.

Father Pandosy served the community of this valley for over 30 years.  Some credit him with bringing the first fruit trees to the Okanagan.  A few years ago, Father's grave site was found by archeologists, approximately 400 metres west of our church, on the land of Valentine Rampone.  There is a miniature chapel there in honour of Father Pandosy.

St. Charles Garnier was established as a parish in 1980, and for two years Mass was celebrated in Dorothea Walker School, until the present church was built.


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